Podol • Kyiv
Podol • Kyiv
There is no better place for introduction to the ancient Kyiv than Podol. It is one of the city's oldest districts, its historical heart. Each street and each building here breathes history, uncovering the veil over Ukraine's capital's legendary past. The huge number of unique historical and architectural monuments that survived on Podol's territory and the small narrow streets that dispose to lei

Funicular • Kyiv
Funicular • Kyiv
The Kyiv funicular that links Podol and the so called Upper Town is not just a rare transportation mean, but one of the main symbols of Ukraine's capital too. For the locals it is a convenient way to get from one part of the city to another, and for numerous tourists it is also an opportunity to enjoy the fantastic bird's-eye views of the historical center, commanded by funicular's carriages. Up t

Microminiature Museum
The huge number of Kyiv museums includes truly unique ones that have no matches in any other city of the world. Located on the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra territory, the Microminiature Museum is definitely one of them. It is recognized as one of the most unusual capital museums, whose exhibits are visible only by microscope. All works, exhibited in the museum, are true micro works of art, made by the ext

Bessarabian Market
The Bessarabian Market, or just Bessarabka, as it is usually referred to by Kyiv residents, is the central and the most famous covered market of Ukraine's capital that is reckoned among the oldest in the country. Its unusual building in Ukrainian art nouveau style was built 100 years ago on the square adjoined to the Kyiv main street and is still one of the capital's most interesting constructions

National Philharmonic of Ukraine
The elegant light building of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine that adorns the European Square in Kyiv's downtown is not only one of the most popular concert halls in the country, but also a very interesting monument of architecture. Incidentally, philharmonic's history started much earlier than its luxurious building appeared. In the early 19th century, musical life in Kyiv was in full swing

Toy Museum • Kyiv
Toy Museum
Toy Museum • Kyiv
The Kyiv Toy Museum is a truly unique place, interesting for both, children and adults. For the first ones it is an opportunity to plunge into fairy world, where hundreds of different heroes live, for the latter ones - a chance to feel nagging nostalgia, and at the same time to learn many interesting facts about the history of toys as an integral part of the country's culture. The Toy Museum, open

The Castle of Richard the Lionheart
House №15, known among the capital's locals and guests as ‘the Castle of Richard the Lionheart,’ is one of the most attractive and mysterious buildings in Kyiv. Despite its romanticized name, the house has nothing to do with English King Richard the First. The writer Viktor Nekrasov gave such nickname to the unusual building in Neo-Gothic style for its resemblance to medieval knightly castles. Its

Literary Memorial House Museum of T.G. Shevchenko
The Literary Memorial House Museum of Taras Shevchenko is one of the three museums in Kyiv that are devoted to the prominent Ukrainian poet, dramaturge, painter, and political and social figure. Its authentic exposition tells about Shevchenko's period of life that he spent in Kyiv and in particular about the years 1846-1847, up to poet's arrest on the case of Cyril and Methodius Brotherhood, the s

Water Museum (Water Information Center)
The unconventional Water Museum stands in Kyiv's downtown, near the European Square, on one of the picturesque hills that stretch along the Dnieper River bank. It is reckoned among the most popular and visited capital sights, which is indicated by long lines that traditionally build up in front of its entrance. And there is no wonder in that, for its exposition is rightly considered to be one of t
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