National Opera of Ukraine
The National Opera of Ukraine is the largest musical theater in the country and one of the most famous opera and ballet stages in Europe. Its luxurious building, fortunately fitted into the ancient ensemble, is considered to be capital’s true architectural gem. The first professional opera troupe was formed in Kyiv in the second half of the 19th century and was considered one of the best theatric

Kyiv Unusual Monuments
Kyiv is famous for impressive number of unique antiquity monuments that have significant historical and architectural value. However, the streets of Ukraine’s capital also feature such monuments, whose main purpose is not to impress with ancient history, but to bring smile on viewer’s face and to absorb attention with their unusual shapes. If you step aside from the routes offered by the standard

St. Cyril's Church
Standing on the high hill outside the historical center of Kyiv, the St. Cyril's Church is reckoned among the most valuable historical and architectural monuments of Ukraine on par with the legendary Saint Sophia Cathedral and has the status of museum. It is one of the oldest temples that have survived since the Kyivan Rus times in nearly primeval state. The value of the St. Cyril's Church is in i

Askold Grave • Kyiv
Askold Grave
Askold Grave • Kyiv
The Askold Grave is the picturesque hole that is a part of the park complex stretching over the green slopes of the Dnieper's right bank. Covered with multitude of legends and mystical stories, this historical area has been attracting artists and poets since olden times and is now the true magnet for tourists who are interested in the history of ancient Kyiv. The hole got its name from the ancient

The Park Vladimirskaya Gorka
The park Vladimirskaya Gorka that stretches over the slopes of the ancient hill in Kyiv's very center is not only another item on the list of capital's popular sights, but also truly special place on the city map. This amazing park, rightly recognized as the gem of the landscape art, has become the favorite place for strolls and recreation of Kyiv residents and its numerous guests long ago. The re

Pharmacy Museum • Kyiv
Pharmacy Museum
Pharmacy Museum • Kyiv
The narrow streets of the ancient Podol shelter one of the most unusual and interesting museums of the Ukraine's capital, the Pharmacy Museum, whose unique exposition is devoted to the history of the pharmacy. It is located in the building where the German pharmacist Johann Heiter opened Kyiv's first private drugstore in 1728. After Heiter's death his son-in-law Georg Bunge inherited the pharmacy

Expoсenter of Ukraine (ENEA)
The national complex Expocenter of Ukraine, or called by the locals as of old the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements (ENEA) is the truly unique place in the South-Western outskirts of Ukraine's capital. It is simultaneously one of the largest exhibition centers in the country, wonderful recreation zone, and amazingly important architectural complex, a vivid embodiment of the Soviet gala a

Vydubitsky Monastery
The Vydubitsky Monastery is reckoned among the oldest cloisters in Kyiv, and its buildings have the status of significant historical and architectural monuments of Ukraine. The monastic complex stands on the picturesque slopes of the Dnieper River in the Vydubichi Hole, which is situated on the territory of the capital's Central Botanical Garden. The origin of the area's and monastery's unusual na

Florovsky Nunnery
The Holy Ascension Florovsky Nunnery's complex that picturesquely stretches at the foot of the Zamkova Mount is one of the most token and majestic sights of the ancient Podol. It is interesting not only for architectural value of its buildings, created in different times and embodying different styles, but also for the fact that it is the oldest working nunnery in Kyiv. There are no exact records
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