Karaites' Kenasas • Yevpatoria
Karaites' Kenasas
Karaites' Kenasas • Yevpatoria
Karaites' Kenasas is an amazingly beautiful and unusually harmonic temple complex. For two centuries it was the center of Crimean Karaites' spiritual and religious life. Today it is one of Yevpatoria's most original architectural sights. Karaites are the most mysterious and scanty Turkic people, representatives of which traditionally profess Karaism - peculiar branch of Judaism. Cavern town Chufut

The Juma-Jami Mosque • Yevpatoria
The Juma-Jami Mosque
The Juma-Jami Mosque • Yevpatoria
Juma-Jami is Yevpatoria's main mosque and one of the most interesting medieval Islamic architectural monuments in Crimea. The biggest and the most beautiful mosque on the peninsula was built in the middle of the 16th century on Koca Sinan's - the famous Turkish architect and the creator of over 300 wonderful buildings in Istanbul, Adrianolpol and other cities - project. The name Juma-Jami is trans

The Armenian Church
Standing on the steep Darsan hill's slope, Armenian Church is considered to be one of the Yalta's most impressive architectural masterpieces. It was built in the early 20th century to order and on money of major Armenian oilman in his daughter's memory, who passed away untimely and was buried in the temple's burial vault. Famous architect Gabriel Ter-Mikaelyan managed the church's building, and ta

The Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky
The majestic Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky is one of the most beautiful orthodox temples in Yalta, and in the whole Crimea, too. It was built in the late 19th century in memory of tragically killed Imperator Alexander II and was consecrated in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky - the Russian Tsars' divine protector. When Imperator Alexander the Second was mortally wounded in terrorist act on March

Genoese (Sudak's) Fortress
The mighty Genoese Fortress is Sudak's main decoration and one of the most interesting historic and architectural monuments in Crimea. It has perfectly preserved not just its outer look, but also an inimitable medieval spirit and romance. Occupying 30 hectares of land, this unique fortification complex is situated at the ancient coral reef - Krepostnaya Gora (Fortress's Mountain) - that soars in a

Genoese Fortress • Feodosiya
Genoese Fortress
Genoese Fortress • Feodosiya
In the Middle Ages Feodosiya's Genoese Fortress was one of the most powerful fortification systems in Europe. Over time it lost its former grandeur and impregnability, but even today its threatening towers and walls, standing in different parts of the town, make a strong impression. The massive defensive complex was built here in the 14th century by the Genoese, which needed to protect their large

I.K. Aivazovsky National Art Gallery
The name of the Russian prominent marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky, whose pictorial works are shown in different museums of the world, is strongly tied with Feodosiya's history, and the National Art Gallery of his name is one of the town's main decorations. Its vast exposition has no analogues in the whole world and is situated in the building, where the famous writer lived and worked. Aivazovsky wa

Armenian Church of the St. Sergiy (Surb Sarkis)
The ancient Armenian Church of the St. Sergiy is among Feodosiya's most interesting architectural monuments. The temple, built in the middle of the 14th century, is one of the few medieval cultic buildings on the Crimea's territory that remained intact until now. Built according to all Armenian medieval architectural canons, the Church of the St. Sergiy is notable for simple and airy forms. Its ma

The Panorama Museum 'The 1854-1855 Defense of Sevastopol'
'The 1854-1855 Defense of Sevastopol' is one of the largest panoramas in the world and belongs to the list of the Crimea's most attended museums. This is an eminent work of battle painting and a monumental memorial to the heroism of the Sevastopol's defenders in the period of the Crimean War of 1853-1856. The panorama museum tells about one of the most significant episodes of the 349-day long defe
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