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Kyiv - Chernihiv - Novhorod-Siversky

Founded over a thousand years ago, Kyivan Rus - the cradle of the Slavic civilization - was one of the most powerful states in Eastern Europe. It fell apart in the 13th century, but left a huge number of historical, architectural and religious monuments that now are the main treasures of the three Old Russian towns - Kyiv, Chernihiv and Novhorod-Siversky.

Many objects of Rus's cultural heritage that survived until now by a miracle are kept in the Old Russian state's capital - ancient Kyiv. Start discovering them from the monument Golden Gates, which is considered to be the unique sample of Old Russian defensive architecture. Afterwards make your way to one of the capital's most beautiful squares - Sofiyivska Square, where you can admire the Saint Sophia Cathedral's wonderful architecture and take a look inside in order to see amazing frescos made by Byzantine artists. Then, head for the St. Michael Cathedral standing nearby. It was built in the 12th century and is famous for its fantastic 'shimmering' mosaics. Follow up your tour by visiting the legendary monastic complex Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, which stands on the high hills of the Dnieper River and makes a grandiose impression on every visitor for a thousand years.

Take a route taxi from Kyiv to Chernihiv - the town that used to be the Kyiv Rus's second capital. It is here that the quarter of all Ukraine's Old Russian original architectural monuments is gathered! At first, take a look at the oldest of them - the Saviour Cathedral. It is the shrine of the Chernihiv-Siversky Principality and the true architectural miracle. See the neighboring Boris-and-Gleb Cathedral that strikes with its original forms and hosts the Museum of Architecture. Then, go in direction of the Red Square, near which one more remarkable Kyivan Rus's monument stands - the Pyatnytska Church. Finish your tour at the Eletsky Monastery and Monastery of St. Elijah and the Holy Trinity - these are the most precious of Chernihiv’s Kyivan Rus-inherited treasures.

Now drive to the small town Novhorod-Siversky, which is often called the outdoor museum for the huge number of Old Russian cultural artifacts. Here you should inevitably visit the Our Savior and Transfiguration Monastery, which used to be Old Russian Princes' residency, and its main adornment - the Cathedral of Our Saviour. In the Museum-Reserve 'The Tale of Igor's Campaign', situated on cloister's territory, you will find out about the most famous Old Russian literary monument, Kyivan Rus's history, culture and everyday life.

Then, you may return to Kyiv and continue discovering its numerous other sights that have nothing to do with Kyivan Rus.