Donetsk Theater of Opera and Ballet
The construction of the magnificent building of the theater in the Classical style began in 1936, and on April, 12, 1941 it received the first spectators with M. Glinka's opera "Ivan Susanin" and ballet performance "Laurensih" by Crane. Soon the theater turned into the center of musical life of Donetsk region, as the stage for Ukrainian and international ballet and opera art, classical operetta an

Dnipropetrovsk Theater of Opera and Ballet
The biography of the theater starts from the creation of the troupe of Work Opera Theater in 1931. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the theater had to stop its operation, and only in 1974 the actors set their feet on the theater stage again. The theater's team not only strived to master and popularize classical works, but wasn't afraid to experiment as well, constantly being in creati

Donetsk Music Drama Theater
The creative history of the theater began in far 1927, when it was created as worktheater of one of the Kharkiv regions, the then capital of Ukraine. Soon, in 1933, the mature creative team was transferred to Donetsk, where it opened its first theatrical season with the premiere of the I. Mikitenko's drama "Bastille of the Mother of God". Very soon the theater's team won the hearts of the audience

Kyivan Puppet Show
Kyivan puppet show is the oldest puppet show in Ukraine founded in 1927. In 2005 the theater moved in the new magnificent building, which is reminiscent of a fairy-tale palace from both inside and outside. Moreover, there is a park in form of children's town on the territory by the theater, where sculptures of fairy-tale heroes, fountain, flower beds, etc. are presented. There are two halls in the

Zaporizhzhia Ukrainian Music Drama Theater
The music-drama theater was founded in 1929 and after years of resettlements and guest performances in Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, in 1944 it stayed in Zaporizhzhia for good. Ten years ago the theater underwent the large scale reconstruction that breathed a second life into it. There are classical Ukrainian, world and modern dramaturgy, operettas and musicals, comedies, musical-plastic plays

Opera House • Odesa
Opera House
Opera House • Odesa
The Odesa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet is a real gem of 19th century European architecture, and one of Odesa’s main treasures. This theater, which strikes the eye with its beauty and grandeur, is among the town’s oldest cultural institutions. Built in the Viennese baroque style and considered to be one of the world’s most wondrous theaters, the opera house is famous not just for
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