Zhytomyr Music Drama Theater
Since early times Zhytomyr was famous for its theatrical traditions. Thus, back in the 18th century the public of the town raised the question of building a full-blown theater. In this way, already in 1809 the first stationary troupe appeared in the town. And in 1858 the first stone theater in Ukraine was built here. Even today it remains one of the main decorations of Zhytomyr. There is a Philhar

National Opera of Ukraine
National Opera of Ukraine is the biggest music theater of Ukraine, proudly located in the capital of the country - Kyiv. The troupe of the theater was organized in 1867 and immediately became one of the most successful in the Russian Empire along with Moscow and St. Petersburg grandees. The gorgeous building of the theater was raised in 1901 on the design of architect Viktor Shreter. The auditoriu

National Theater of Russian Drama
In the very center of Kyiv, within a few steps of Kreshchatik Street and not far from the Golden Gates, shelters the well-known Theater of Russian Drama, which was founded in 1891 and is considered to be the first stationary theater of the Ukrainian capital. The theater quickly won love and respect of the audience, mainly due to striking and original individuals in its creative team. Their unique

National Drama Theater
Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater - one of the best theaters in Ukraine - was founded in 1920, and its building was ready back in 1898. It is explained by the fact that the troupe of the theater arouse in Vinnytsia and, after numerous removals, finally settled in the capital of Ukraine. "Forest Song" after Lesya Ukrainka's work of the same name, "The Inspector General" by N. Gogol, "Sain

Dnipropetrovsk Russian Drama Theater
Russian Drama Theater was founded in 1927, based on performing on tour troupe of the Small Theater of Moscow. The building of the theater has cultural and architectural value, and, therefore, is included in the List of the architectural monuments of national significance of Ukraine. Since its early performances and till nowadays the creative team of the theater follows the motto: "Talk to the cont

Sevastopol Russian Drama Theater
The history of the Sevastopol Theater of Russian Drama is very rich. In different years Feodor Chaliapin and Maria Zankovetskaya played here, and in 1900 Anton Chekhov watched the staging of his play "Chaika" performed by the famous Moscow Academic Art Theatre headed by Stanislavsky. The count of seasons started in 1920, when the theater got its modern name. The theater didn't stop functioning eve

Crimea Russian Drama Theater
Crimea theater of Simferopol is the oldest theater on the peninsula, and its main building is the monument of architecture and culture. The building was designed by O.M. Beketov in the Neoclassicism style with elements of art nouveau. The facade is richly decorated with statues and bas-reliefs of Ancient Greek patrons of theatrical art - the God Apollo and muse Melpomene. The interior of the theat

Yalta Theater • Yalta
Yalta Theater
Yalta Theater • Yalta
In the late 19th century Yalta became the official summer residence of the Imperator's family and the most fashionable resort of the Russian Empire. The question of how to amuse the visitors arose immediately in front of city authorities. At the same time the idea to found a professional theater in the city appeared. The construction lasted five years, and since 1883 the theater counts its seasons

Vinnytsia Music Drama Theater
The building of the Vinnytsia N. Sadovsky Theater is one of the most beautiful buildings in the town. It was raised back in 1910 in record for those times terms - 11 months. The own troupe appeared in the Theater in 1933, and since that moment the count of seasons is carried out. Initially the theater was intended for opera and ballet, but in 1940 it was transformed into the music drama theater. T
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