Pirogov Estate Museum • Vinnytsia
Pirogov Estate Museum
Pirogov Estate Museum • Vinnytsia
The National Nikolai Pirogov Estate Museum, situated in the picturesque park in the outskirts of Vinnytsia, is not just the most interesting town sight, but an important object of the cultural heritage of Ukraine. Nikolai Pirogov is a prominent scientist, talented physician, inventor of anesthesia and field martial surgery, founder of the Red Cross Society and notable public figure. It's hard to o

The Saint Sophia Cathedral
The Saint Sophia Cathedral - the oldest Catholic temple in Zhytomyr - rightly bears a rank of one of the main attractions in the town. Raised in the middle of the 18th century, the cathedral charms with the beauty of its architectural forms, based on the peculiar interweaving of baroque and late renaissance traits. The two-layer facade of the building is decorated with strict turrets. The terrain,

The Museum of Local Lore (Bishop's House)
Founded in the second half of the 19th century, Zhytomyr museum of local lore is one of the oldest museum facilities in Ukraine. Its collection began from the 48 minerals and rocks that were given for exhibition by the former governor of the district. Soon the exposition was supplemented with collection of coins, materials from archives and other valuables, which were presented to the future museu

Cathedral of the Holy Transfiguration
Built as the main Orthodox church on Volyn', Zhytomir’s Cathedral of the Holy Transfiguration is rightfully considered to be the town’s symbol. Its construction began in 1851, on top of an ancient Basilian church. However, soon after the construction finished, the temple collapsed. The reason for the catastrophe turned out to be the frailness of the brick, from which it was built. The Cathedral’s

Mury of Vinnytsia • Vinnytsia
Mury of Vinnytsia
Mury of Vinnytsia • Vinnytsia
In the early 17th century the representatives of the catholic Jesuit order appeared in Vinnytsia and with financial support of one of then town's governors built a monastery on the picturesque bank of the Southern Bug. The monks surrounded the cloister, which consisted of catholic church, collegium and dormitory, with massive fortress walls with loopholes and combat towers. These powerful defensiv

Hitler's headquarters "Werwolf"
Not far from Vinnytsia - in the region of the Stryzhavka settlement - there is one of the most mysterious constructions of the central region of Ukraine - the former Hitler's headquarters "Werwolf". Although today it is just a bulk of huge going under the ground concrete slabs with armature sticking out of them, this tourist sight, which is called the last mystery of the Third Reich, attracts rese

The Monastery of Barefoot Carmelites' Order
The Monastery-Fortress of Barefoot Carmelites' Order is not just, striking with its majesty, cult building of Berdychiv, but also the core, around which the spiral of the rich history of the town winds. It was founded in 1634 by Polish magnate Janusz Tyszkiewicz, the then owner of Berdychiv, who passed his estate palace with nearby settlements in hands of monks of the Carmelites' Order and allocat

The St. Barbara's Church
The charming light-pink building of the St. Barbara's Church that has a status of the national architectural monument is one of the most recognizable symbols of Berdychiv. Having got Berdychiv as a dowry, the daughter of the wealthy Polish-Lithuanian magnate Barbara founded the first wooden temple on this place in 1759. She named the cathedral after her divine patroness great martyr Barbara. In th

'Stone Village' • Zhytomyr
'Stone Village'
'Stone Village' • Zhytomyr
The geological reserve ‘Stone Village’ is one of the unfathomable natural wonders in Ukraine. It is a unique gathering of granite blocks, peculiarly collected in the middle of the forest. The moss-covered boulders of different sizes and forms are reminiscent of village huts, located on one 'street,’ which is why it is called the ‘Stone Village.’ There are several stories about the origin of this
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