Water Park 'Cape of Good Hope'
Water Park 'Cape of Good Hope' is one of the biggest in Ukraine. It occupies the territory of over 50 000 square meters and can simultaneously accommodate up to 3000 visitors. Around thirty various rides that are interesting for both, children and adults, are at guests' disposal. The Water Park offers special zone with ten park amusements and separate children's swimming pool for the very little g

Velvet • Kirovograd
Velvet • Kirovograd
Situated not far from Kirovograd's center, entertainment complex 'Velvet' is a fashionable facility with high level service and wise pricing policy that has a status of one of the best facilities in town. The complex consists of two dancing zones, billiards and bowling. Eight Russian billiards tables, one American pool table and one snooker table are installed in the billiards lounge. There are si

Bowling-club 'Igromania'
Bowling-club 'Igromania' is an ideal place for those, who want to spend their pastime actively and with health value, playing an absorbing game in pleasant atmosphere. A lounge equipped with six lanes and comfortable couches is at visitors' disposal. Professional experts will help novices in bowling to learn all subtleties of this wonderful game. Moreover, specialized ProShop, where you can buy pr

On cross-country vehicle through historic places
Quadrocycle combined the best qualities of automobile and motorcycle, but got rid of the limitations of both progenitors. As opposed to the motorcycle it is much more stable, as opposed to the automobile - much more maneuverable. Combined with simple, even primitive control, it makes quadrocycle probably the best transportation option for the Crimean "off-roads" - hilly and covered with wild fores

Jumping from nuclear power station
There is the Crimean nuclear power station in a few hours' ride from Kerch - this is the most expensive atomic unfinished construction in the world. In the late 80-ies, when the first power unit had been raised for 85% already, its construction was stopped by the governance of the Soviet Union, because of the difficult economic situation. After the collapse of the USSR, the Crimean nuclear power s

Jumping from "monastic" rock
Kachi-Kalion is the Christian cave monastery that was created in the rocks near Bakhchysarai in the 6th century and existed till the 18th century. Now it is a part of the historical and cultural preserve in Crimea... But let's leave the details of this interesting story to the history buffs. Let's talk about the present. Nowadays Kachi-Kalion, along with many other special places of Crimea, became

Total diving • Yevpatoria
Total diving
Total diving • Yevpatoria
The so called recreational diving prospers at the southern resorts of Ukraine. It is the diving with special equipment that allows staying under the water for quite a long time, but on relatively little depth - up to 40 meters. At that, the beginners dive regularly on much lesser depth. The recreational diving allows enjoying the process of diving itself, learning the underwater flora and fauna, a

Cycle race over mountain roads
25 kilometers of mountain roads separate Sevastopol from its suburb - Balaklava. Although the two resort towns with rich history are connected with busy flow of public transport, the fans of active recreation are offered an opportunity to overcome these 25 kilometers on bicycles. The route of the cycle race is laid on the height of up to 200 meters through the mountains of the South-Western coast
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