To Ukraine for Health: country’s top five most popular sanative resorts

Spring is the best time for health improvement, and incredibly rich with unique natural resources Ukraine is an ideal place for this. Its territory houses tens of mineral, mud and climatic resorts with modern sanatoriums that host tourists from all over the world all the year round. We’d like to introduce Ukraine’s top five best-known and most frequently visited balneotherapeutic resorts.

Truskavets. This small town rests in a picturesque river valley in the foothills of the East Carpathian Mountains. It is literally Ukraine’s best-known resort. Its main treasures are the fourteen mineral springs, the deposits of so-called mountain wax – ozokerite, and the “Barbara” salt, which is as good for the health as the salt of the famous Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad).

Truskavets’ mineral water helps to fight against chronic kidney, liver and bile ducts diseases; it cleanses your body of radionuclides and chemical waste; and it improves metabolism. Truskavets’ sanatoriums and clinics also treat cardiovascular conditions, disorders of digestive and locomotive systems, and cleanse the endocrine system.

In addition to its curative mineral waters, Truskavets relies on hospitable climate and fresh, oxygen- and ozone-rich air to succeed in treatment and health improvement.

The fairytale and original Mirgorod is situated not far from the well-known Poltava. It occupies the second place in the list of Ukraine’s most visited balneotherapeutic resorts. Its trump card is unique mineral water, whose qualities are similar to those of the famous German resorts Baden-Baden and Aachen. It helps to fight digestive tract and metabolic diseases, as well as other ailments.

Ukraine’s another popular health improvement and recreation place is the seaside town Saky, situated on Crimea’s western coast. It is one of country’s oldest balneotherapeutic resorts that draws tourists with the whole complex of natural therapeutic factors.

Resort's main treasure is the salty Saksky Lake, where nature makes curative means – highly-mineralized healing mud and brine (saturated salt solution) that have unique therapeutic effect on human organism – as if in some huge laboratory. They can improve metabolic processes, viscerogenic blood circulation and cardiovascular system's function, have anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects, restore hormonal background and help egesting radionuclides. Many modern sanatoriums, health camps for children, pensions and recreation centers function in the resort area.

A small town Khmelnik, situated on Southern Buh’s bank, is also in the list of Ukraine’s most renowned balneotherapeutic resorts. Radon water springs, whose healing quality has no analogues among all known mineral waters, made this town very popular. The water treats hypertension, rheumatism, musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular and central nervous system’s conditions.

The last town on the list of Ukraine’s top five most frequently visited resorts is Sloviansk. It is situated on the shore of unique salty lakes, which made the town very popular. Mineral water, brine and lake mud having unique healing qualities are produced there. They are used to treat diseases of the nervous, musculoskeletal, locomotive and cardiovascular systems, and gastrointestinal tract conditions.

All mentioned towns allow for convenient combination of health-improving tourism and informative recreation. They offer plenty of opportunities for the latter one.

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