The Armenian Cathedral (of the Assumption of the Holiest Mother of God)
The Armenian Cathedral is one of the oldest landmarks in Lviv. It is also the main shrine of one of medieval Lviv’s largest communities, the Armenians. For a long time, this unique temple was the center of religious and cultural life for the Armenians, who played an important role in Lviv’s history. The Cathedral is currently located in the historical center, standing on a place of the former Arme

The Cathedral of the Savior’s Transfiguration
It is one of Odesa’s largest and most important spiritual symbols. Over its tragic history, the temple, which stands on the Cathedral Square, played an important role in the town’s development and its sacral architecture. The cathedral was founded in 1795 – at the same time as Odesa’s port – and was consecrated in 1808. At first, it was a small religious building, but a hundred years later, it be
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