Saint Trinity Cathedral
Gorgeously standing in town's administrative center, the Saint Trinity Cathedral is the true sacral architecture's masterpiece and Lutsk's main Orthodox shrine. Its light monumental building is one of the most beautiful in town and can be seen virtually from any point of Lutsk, and its bell chime can be heard even in the town's most remote corners. In ancient times, the wooden Church of the Holy C

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral
The splendid St. Peter and Paul Cathedral's monumental and at the same time elegant building adorns the Old Town and is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and valuable architectural monuments in Lutsk. Being surrounded with halo of mystery and keeping century-old secretes, it is the most attractive sight in town that must be visited by everyone without fail. The St. Peter and Paul Cathed

St. Martin Catholic Church's Chapel
Ancient chapel, located in the yard of one of the Mukachevo's most beautiful sacral buildings - St. Martin Catholic Church, is the most valuable sample of medieval Gothic and reckons among the most ancient cultic monuments in Zakarpattia. Local residents rightly consider it town's main treasure and with pleasure show it to numerous tourists. The first catholic cathedral appeared at Mukachevo's cen

The Church of Virgin Mary (Art Museum)
Having absorbed baroque and renaissance traits, the building of the parish Church of Virgin Mary is among the most beautiful and most valuable architectural monuments in Ivano-Frankivsk. Built in the late 17th century on the main square, the temple is town's oldest building and inevitably attracts curious travelers' glances with its original forms. The Church of Virgin Mary was built as a burial v

Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection
The majestic Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection, whose slender silhouette adorns town's main square (Rynok), reckons among the most beautiful and famous architectural monuments of Ivano-Frankivsk. Strolling through town, it's impossible to oversee its luxurious light building that absorbed the brightest baroque and classicism traits! The temple owes its origin to Jesuit monks. They

Foros • Yalta
Foros • Yalta
Small resort town Foros acquired wide fame not only thanks to its amazing sceneries, curative climate, warm sea, comfortable beaches and a range of pensions, but also for being the southernmost point of Crimea. Nature generously endowed Foros with its precious riches, and man diluted this marvelously beautiful corner with handmade masterpieces. Resort's most attractive place is definitely the Foro

The Church of St. Alexander Nevsky
Today the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky - that over a century was Simferopol's main temple - is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful and magnificent cultic buildings in Simferopol. It amazes not only with its imposing and harmonic forms, but with tough and tragic destiny that ended with temple's rebirth. The idea of building large cathedral in Simferopol to honor Saint Alexander Nev

Kebir-Jami Mosque • Simferopol
Kebir-Jami Mosque
Kebir-Jami Mosque • Simferopol
The white-stone Kebir-Jami Mosque amazes with its splendid strictness and reckons among the most notable architectural monuments, built in Crimean Khanate times, that survived on the peninsula. Built in the early 16th century, it has a title of the oldest building in Simferopol and still remains the main spiritual center for Muslims, living in Crimea. Temple's walls, made from shelly stone, were c

Pyatnytska Church • Chernihiv
Pyatnytska Church
Pyatnytska Church • Chernihiv
Small, but amazingly beautiful - as if emerged from the depth of the centuries -Pyatnytska Church is called the last creation of the Old Russian architects and is considered to be an embodiment of the Kyivan Rus's architectural development. Situated in the park near town's main square, it is one of the most notable old Chernihiv's cultic buildings. There are almost no data about temple's origin. S
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