Dormition Monastery
Situated in popular resort district, Bolshoy Fontan, the architectural ensemble of Dormition Monastery is one of the oldest and most famous cultic sights in Odesa. Its foundation in the early 19th century was preceded by tragic events. The territory of the monastery earlier belonged to Moldavian landowner, Alexander Teutelu, which had a mansion with a large farm here. Once, in the evening, the own

Kyiv Intercession Monastery
However the Kyiv Intercession Monastery is not very famous, nevertheless it is one of the most beautiful and magnificent one in ancient Kyiv. Constructed in pseudo-Russian style, the splendid religious complex enchants with its fine decorations, and it is rightly reckoned to be one of the most vibrant architectural pearls of the capital. The monastery owes its foundation to the great Princess Ale

Zymne Monastery
Standing on a small mountain in Zymne village, not far from Lutsk, the Zymne Svyatogorsk Monastery is one of the Ukraine’s oldest monasteries. According to legend, it was founded by the Prince Vladimir the Great, under whose reign the Rus was baptized. It was on the Svyata Hora (Holly Mountain) that he founded his winter residence, in 1001. He ordered to build two wooden churches and a tower palac

St. Nicholas Cathedral • Kremenets
St. Nicholas Cathedral
St. Nicholas Cathedral • Kremenets
The light and elegant baroque building of the St. Nicholas Cathedral is one of the Kremenets’s architectural trademarks. This amazing temple attracts not only with its charming forms, but also with its tough history. It started in the middle of the 16th century. The Polish King Sigismund I Bon’s wife, who owned Kremenets castle, ordered to erect a wooden parish church, which then became the first

Jesuit Monastery and Collegium
Consisting of a two-tower Catholic church and adjoined study buildings in the late baroque style, the ensemble of the Jesuit Monastery and Collegium strikes with its beauty and grandeur. Situated in Kremenets’s very center, it is city’s main architectural symbol and one of its most attractive sights. Being famous for their educational activity, the Jesuit monks were invited to Kremenets by the Lit

Surb Khach Monastery • Feodosiya
Surb Khach Monastery
Surb Khach Monastery • Feodosiya
The medieval monastic complex Surb Khach is situated in the picturesque mountain and woody area, within three kilometers from the town Staryi Krym. Its name means Monastery of the Holy Cross in Armenian. Being reminiscent of an age-old defensive fortress, Surb Khach is one of the peninsula’s most interesting monuments of Armenian sacral architecture that preserve the spirit and atmosphere of the M

Foros’s Church (the Church of the Resurrection)
Foros is associated with elegant temple, situated on the 400-meter-high cliff and soaring above the sea, probably more often than with its splendid beaches, warm sea and amazing sceneries. It is the Church of the Resurrection, resort’s main symbol and genuine adornment of the Southern Coast of Crimea. The magnificent temple in Byzantine style was raised in 1892, thanks to the merchant and Maecenas

Intercession Monastery
The Intercession Monastery is adjoined to the Kharkiv oldest square, located in its very center. Its architectural ensemble is a complex of priceless antique structures that adorn modern city. The monastery was founded on the territory of the Kharkiv Fortress, in 1726, and used to be a part of the city fortifications system. Situated on the bank of the Lopan River in close proximity to the main tr

Cathedral of the Savior’s Transfiguration
The Cathedral of the Savior’s Transfiguration is the main Orthodox temple in Donetsk and its majestic building is called one of the most beautiful constructions in the city. Towering above the central square, it is Donbas capital’s true adornment. The construction of the Donetsk first stone Orthodox cathedral started in 1883. It was built on the money, collected by parishioners, on the place of th
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