Kharkiv Museum of Art
One of the oldest museums in Ukraine - Kharkiv Museum of Art - is among the most famous and the most attended ones in town. Its vast collection, formed over 200 years ago, includes unique works by artists of world and Ukrainian painting, graphics, sculpture, and decorative and applied art. Museum's collection started to form in 1805, with Kharkiv University's founder, prominent scientist and publi

Annunciation Cathedral
Situated at town's historical center, the grandiose Annunciation Cathedral - one of the most beautiful Kharkiv's churches - rivets attention by its original forms and uncommon striped patterns. Built in Russian and Byzantine style, it is recognized as unique architectural monument of the early 20th century and inevitably remains in the center of tourists' attention. The first Annunciation Church

Krasnokutsk (Krasnokutsk arboretum)
The name of this little town - one of the oldest in eastern Ukraine - literally means 'picturesque corner' or 'fine side.’ And Krasnokutsk’s peculiar beauties more than justify this name. Solely because of this modest town, the Kharkivska Oblast' became a popular tourist destination. Krasnokutsk’s main draw is the unique arboretum that is officially recognized as a monument of landscape art. Foun

Parkhomivka Museum of History and Arts
This unremarkable, remote place near Kharkiv became famous throughout Ukraine and abroad for its unique collection of universally important artwork. The museum, situated in the village Parhomivka, is called the ‘mini-Hermitage,’ and for good reason. Many Ukrainian and European museums envy it for its valuable collection. Over six thousand objects are kept here; among them are Picasso, van Dyck, Be

Sloviansk • Donetsk (161 km.)
Sloviansk • Donetsk (161 km.)
Although, Sloviansk acquired the status of the state resort and Donbas’s gem quite recently, in 2011, it is one of Ukraine’s oldest balneotherapeutic centers. Situated in the picturesque neighborhood – on the shore of unique salty lakes, surrounded by landscape park – it became famous two centuries ago thanks to harmonic combination of several natural factors: healing mud and mineral water, clean

Ivanova Gora • Poltava (128 km.)
Ivanova Gora
Ivanova Gora • Poltava (128 km.)
The Ivanova Gora (literally: Ivan’s Mount) is virtually a sacral place for Poltava locals: it is city’s historical core, where the whole complex of architectural and historical attractions, each having a status of Poltava’s highlight, is situated. This place is notable for being an excellent observation area that opens wonderful views of the city downtown and its most token structures. The Ivanova

Local History Museum  (The House of Province Zemstvo)
Poltava Local History Museum is one of the oldest and the most interesting museums in Ukraine. It houses unique collection of authentic items and antiquities that introduce the history, nature and culture of Poltava region, as well as true treasures of the world history, including artifacts from Ancient Egypt, India, China and Japan. The museum is reckoned among the most visited ones in the city:

Tsar Cannon and the Bell • Donetsk (248 km.)
Tsar Cannon and the Bell
Tsar Cannon and the Bell • Donetsk (248 km.)
Made by Russian craftsmen, the Donetsk Tsar Cannon is an exact replica of the renowned Moscow Tsar Cannon, which was cast in the late 16th century and is recognized as the weapon with the largest caliber in the world. Moscow presented it to Donetsk in 2001, and since then it adorns the square in front of the Donetsk City Hall. It is said that the mayor of Moscow agreed to make such a present on a

The Beatles Monument • Donetsk (249 km.)
The Beatles Monument
The Beatles Monument • Donetsk (249 km.)
Donetsk has many places, connected to the Great Britain in one way or another. It is not surprising, given that the city was founded by the Welsh industrialist John Hughes, who was engaged in coal mining and steel production, in the middle of the 19th century. However, the most popular of them is the monument to the well-known British rock band The Beatles. It stands near the hotel and restaurant
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