Kodak Fortress Ruins
The Kodak Fortress is an ancient Polish citadel, whose remnants are situated in a picturesque place on the high bank of the Dnieper River, in the village Stari Kodaky near Dnipropetrovsk. Built on the order of the Polish King Wladislaw IV in order to control Zaporizhzhian Cossacks, it passed into history thanks to its short, but vivid and unconventional life. Fortress’ construction started near th

The Diorama ‘Sapun Mount Storm on May 7, 1944’
The diorama ‘Sapun Mount Storm on May 7, 1944’ is one of the largest battle paintings in the world. It is the center of the largest memorial complex in the city that was created on the top of the Sapun Mount in order to commemorate the heroic deed of Soviet warriors who liberated Sevastopol from the German-fascist invaders. Located seven kilometers to the east from Sevastopol, the Sapun Mount had

Uzhgorod Castle (Zakarpattia Local History Museum)
The medieval castle standing on the hill in the Uzh River valley is ancient Uzhgorod’s historical heart and its major sight. Despite its venerable age, it is perfectly preserved and is reckoned among the most famous and frequently visited castles in Ukraine. Visiting it allows not only to see the priceless historical and architectural monument, but also to feel the true medieval spirit that soars

Fortress Sent-Miklosh • Mukachevo
Fortress Sent-Miklosh
Fortress Sent-Miklosh • Mukachevo
The threatening medieval fortress Sent-Miklosh can hardly compete in its tourist attractiveness with the luxurious and perfectly preserved Palace of Schönborns standing nearby. And therefore, it is only the second most important sight in the picturesque Chinadievo settlement, located near ancient Mukachevo. Meanwhile, the long and bright history, kept by dilapidated walls of the once majestic fort

Memorial to the Victims of Fascism
Rivne is famous for being the city with tough and tragic fate, which haunted it over the whole history of its existence. However, the darkest pages in city’s history were entered by the 20th century: during the World War II, Rivne’s territory was occupied by the German-fascist invaders and concentration camps, where people were massively annihilated, were created there. After the war, the Memorial

Askold Grave • Kyiv
Askold Grave
Askold Grave • Kyiv
The Askold Grave is the picturesque hole that is a part of the park complex stretching over the green slopes of the Dnieper's right bank. Covered with multitude of legends and mystical stories, this historical area has been attracting artists and poets since olden times and is now the true magnet for tourists who are interested in the history of ancient Kyiv. The hole got its name from the ancient

Podol • Kyiv
Podol • Kyiv
There is no better place for introduction to the ancient Kyiv than Podol. It is one of the city's oldest districts, its historical heart. Each street and each building here breathes history, uncovering the veil over Ukraine's capital's legendary past. The huge number of unique historical and architectural monuments that survived on Podol's territory and the small narrow streets that dispose to lei

Svirzh Castle • Lviv
Svirzh Castle
Svirzh Castle • Lviv
Lviv neighborhood is famous for the multitude of ancient castles and fabulous palaces that used to serve their owners - predominantly Polish kings and magnates - as fortified residences. The medieval castle in the picturesque Svirzh settlement is rightly considered one of the most beautiful among them. This unique monument of fortification architecture stands on the high rocky hill, surrounded wi

Bernardine Monastery and Catholic Church
The medieval complex of the former Bernardine Monastery with the gorgeous Catholic Church of the Saint Andrew the First-Called is one of the most enigmatic historical and architectural monuments in ancient Lviv. Its magnificent, covered with multitude of legends, buildings invariably arrest attention and cause admiration of everyone strolling through Old Town. Bernardine monks came to Lviv in the
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