The Our Savior and Transfiguration Monastery
Spread on the high Desna River’s bank, the majestic complex of the Our Savior and Transfiguration Monastery is rightly considered to be old Novhorod-Siversky’s key sight. Founded almost thousand years ago, it is numbers to the oldest and the most beautiful Ukraine’s monasteries. The exact date of the Our Savior and Transfiguration Monastery’s foundation is lost in history. However, according to le

The Strategic Missile Forces Museum
Kirovograd’s outskirts enjoy the company of unique museum that is located not far from the town of Pervomaysk and has no analogues in the world. It's the Strategic Missile Forces Museum, located on the territory of former highly secretive missile base. In Soviet times division headquarters of missile forces stationed in Pervomaysk, and carefully disguised underground command posts and mines with

The Fort of St. Elizabeth
The remains of the formerly powerful Fort of St. Elizabeth stand on the Inhul River banks and are the main Kirovograd's attraction. It was this fortress - the masterpiece of fortification architecture - that gave birth to the town over two and a half centuries ago. Today this place with unusual atmosphere attracts not only history buffs, but regular tourists who want to feast their eyes on powerfu

Freedom Square • Kharkiv
Freedom Square
Freedom Square • Kharkiv
The huge Freedom Square is Kharkiv's most famous sight that remains town's landmark for almost hundred years. The unique square, striking with its size, is the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in the world. It is arranged in form of flask with the whole boulevard 'inside' it. The Freedom Square is Khrakiv's heart that sets the rhythm of the town's life. It appeared in the early 20th cent

Monastyrsky Island • Dnipro
Monastyrsky Island
Monastyrsky Island • Dnipro
Enfolding its main hill in crescentic embrace, the legendary Monastyrsky Island is Dnipropetrovsk's urban nucleus and undoubtedly most mysterious and romantic sight. The island is part of Dnipropetrovsk's largest park complex - Shevchenko Park - and is the favourite relaxing place for locals and an interesting tourist sight for city's guests. The Monastyrsky Island's history is uncertain, and ther

The Transfiguration Cathedral
Situated at the town's historical center, the majestic, striking with its strict beauty Transfiguration Cathedral is Dnipropetrovsk's symbol and belongs to Ukraine's prominent cultic buildings. This magnificent temple is the brightest architectural monument in classicism style and remains Dnipropetrovsk's true adornment for almost two centuries already. The first stone in the Cathedral's foundatio

The  Exaltation of the Cross Monastery
Built in 1650 on the hill near Vorskla River, the Exaltation of the Cross Monastery is considered to be one of the best samples of Ukrainian baroque architecture and one of Poltava's most interesting sights. However, it's not just a valuable architectural monument - many important historical events are connected with the cloister. In the late 17th century, the monastery was captured and ransacked

The History of the Defense of the Adzhimushkay Quarry Museum
Situated in the Kerch's outskirts, Adzhimushkay Quarries are mine workings that form complex labyrinth with divided underground galleries, tunnels and corridors. Now it is a unique military and historical monument that immortalized courage of Soviet soldiers, who during the Second World War held the line against German invaders here. In spring of 1942, enemy troops invaded Kerch Peninsula's terri

Historical and Archeological Museum (Museum of Antiquity)
Kerch's Historical and Archeological Museum is one of Ukraine's oldest museums and has one of the largest collections of unique exhibits from different ages. Therefore, it rightly occupies one of the leading places among Kerch Peninsula's attractions. The Museum of Antiquity - its initial name - was founded in 1826. Due to Kerch's century long and incredibly rich history, at that time its main mis
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