Monument to Duke de Richelieu
Duke de Richelieu was an eminent personality who played significant role in Odesa's formation and development, and his statue that rises atop the legendary Potemkin Stairs is one of the Southern Palmyra's most famous symbols. The list of de Richelieu's great services to this southern town, which he called the best pearl in the Russia's crown, is endless. Being governor of Odesa and then its govern

Kara -Tobe • Yevpatoria
Kara -Tobe
Kara -Tobe • Yevpatoria
Resort town Saky is left without any architectural monuments, but with an interesting archeological site - ancient settlement Kara-Tobe, which serves as a tourist magnet for the whole western Crimea. Greek and Scythian ancient settlement was discovered in the early 20th century on the Kara-Tobe Hill (it's Turk for Black Hill) and got its name from it. Excavations that started here helped to recons

The Sea Crashes Museum
The unique Sea Crashes Museum that was created several years ago in Malorechenskoye village near Alushta has already become one of the most attractive sights on the Southern Coast of Crimea. It's the only museum in the world that is devoted to the most famous sea tragedies. It is located in the building of very beautiful St. Nicolas Lighthouse Temple. Together they build up a memorial complex to

Nature Museum and Arboretum and Zoo Park of the Crimean Nature Reserve
You don't have to subjugate Crimean Mountains, go down in caves and work your way through dick forests, in order to closer familiarize yourself with Crimean peninsula's inimitable nature, be amazed with its richness and diversity. It's enough, if you visit the Nature Museum and the Arboretum and Zoo Park, created on the Crimean National Nature Reserve's territory. Created in 1923, Crimea's largest

The Scythian Naples • Simferopol
The Scythian Naples
The Scythian Naples • Simferopol
Situated in Simferopol's outskirts, the Scythian Naples is an archeological monument of world's significance that is recognized as one of the seven wonders of Crimea's capital. This is ancient town's ruins, on the territory of which the namesake historical and archeological complex was created. Founded in the 3d century B.C., the Scythian Naples remained the capital of the ancient Late Scythian st

The Central Museum of Tavrida
The best chance to learn about Crimea's centuries-old history, its inimitable nature and peculiar culture is to visit the Central Museum of Tavrida in Simferopol - one of Crimea's largest and most interesting museums. Its extensive collection includes unique archeological findings (Stone Age settlements, Copper and Bronze Age burial vaults and many other) objects of decorative and applied arts, va

Red Square • Chernihiv
Red Square
Red Square • Chernihiv
The spacious Red Square with its inimitably beautiful architectural ensemble, green boulevards and squares is one of the most attractive touristic sights in Chernihiv. It is an administrative and cultural center, the place, where ancient town's heart beats. In Kyivan Rus times, the territory of today's Red Square used to be a part of Chernihiv's trade and handicraft district that was located outsi

Stronghold (Rampart) • Chernihiv
Stronghold (Rampart)
Stronghold (Rampart) • Chernihiv
The Stronghold is Chernihiv's oldest part and its historical heart. The town's history started over thirteen centuries ago, with its appearance on the high hill on the Desna River bank. The Stronghold remained Chernihiv's political, administrative and cultural center for many centuries. Therefore, it's no wonder that old town's main historical and architectural monuments are concentrated in this m

Historical and Cultural Reserve ‘The Tale of Igor's Campaign’
‘The Tale of Igor's Campaign’ is Old Russian literature’s prominent monument that was written in the 12th century and tells about unsuccessful campaign led by Novhorod-Siversky’s Prince Igor Svyatoslavich against Cumans. The campaign started from the Our Savior and Transfiguration Monastery, therefore, it’s no wonder that Ukraine’s only museum, devoted to this Slavic world’s celebrated literary si
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