Around Ukraine in 14 days Show on map

Kyiv - Lviv - Carpathians - Chernivtsi - Kamianets-Podilskyi - Odesa - Simferopol - Bakhchysarai - Sevastopol - Yalta

The tour 'Around Ukraine in 14 days' is a perfect opportunity to see the most interesting Ukrainian cities and their brightest sights over the relatively short period of time.

It is better to start discovering Ukraine from its capital. Kyiv is not just country's political and economical center, it is also one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Europe, the cradle of the Slavic civilization. Three days will be enough to see its ancient temples, unique museums and gorgeous parks. When you are done with Kyiv's sights, you can take a night train to Lviv - the cultural capital of Ukraine. Allow yourself two days to discover its historical center, where almost two thousand interesting historical, cultural and architectural monuments are gathered, and to taste famous Lviv's chocolate with a cup of fragrant coffee.

From Lviv you may go to the Carpathian Natural Reserve for a day or two (it'll take just several hours by bus) in order to admire astonishing beauty of local nature and, perhaps, to ascend the Ukraine's highest Mountain - Hoverla Mountain. From there take a two-hour trip to Chernivtsi, where the most mystic attraction - the former residence of the Bukovinian high priests - is worth seeing. You can reach your next destination - the ancient Kamianets-Podilsky - in just one hour. It features the perfectly preserved medieval fortress that stands on the island, ringed around with river loop.

Then, head for the most picturesque town in Ukraine - Odesa and spend a few days there: descend the famous Potemkin Stairs to the Black Sea, stroll along the legendary Primorsky Boulevard and, of course, plunge into hectic nightlife of the Southern Palmyra.

Another night in train will bring you to the Crimean capital - Simferopol, from where you should inevitably go to Bakhchysarai in order to see the only sample of the Crimean Tatar palatial architecture in the world - the gorgeous Khansarai and the cave town Chufut Kale. Afterwards, you can visit one of the most famous Ukrainian towns - Sevastopol, the ruins of the Ancient Greek colony Chersonesus and the Panorama Museum "The 1854-1855 Defense of Sevastopol". Follow up your tour by visiting Crimea's most popular town - Yalta and discovering scores of mind-boggling architectural and historical attractions concentrated in its neighborhood.

The Carpathian National Natural Park
Bukovinian Metropolitan’s Residence (Chernivtsi University)
The Potemkin Stairs
Primorsky Boulevard
Chufut Kale