For Autumnal Fairy Tale: the most beautiful arboreta of Ukraine
Fall is one of the most amazing seasons. The best way to feel its charm is to walk through one of Ukraine’s arboreta. Painted with bright autumnal colors, they turn into true fairy-tale areas, where thousands of Ukrainians and country’s guests come looking for beauty, harmony and romance. We’ve chosen among a dozen of Ukraine’s arboreta three most impressive ones, which are worth visiting during a

The best festivals of the fall
It is always a pleasure to combine a trip around Ukraine with visiting some interesting events – musical, gastronomic, thematic. They are organized in different corners of the country round the year. However, it is the fall that offers the largest number of entertaining events. This fall that has already come into its own won’t be an exception: different Ukrainian cities will host a number of inte

Abnormal Ukraine: country’s most mystical places. Part II
We continue introducing you to the most mysterious and enigmatic corners of the country. Beginning – Abnormal Ukraine: country’s most mystical places. Part I Lysa Hora, Kyiv There are many so called Lysa Horas (Bald Mountains) in Ukraine. They are the places where the ancient Slavs used to worship pagan gods. The mountains are called bald because people used to root out trees and other vegetation

Abnormal Ukraine: country’s most mystical places. Part I
Mysterious, surrounded with a trail of secrets, legends and mystical beliefs places interest people since olden times. Some prefer to avoid them, others on the contrary strive to see these places personally, probably in order to test the effect of all the anomalies attributed to them on their own back. Ukraine has plenty of such mystical places that attract thrill-seekers as a magnet. Hromovyshche

For a long memory: what to bring from Ukraine
When visiting a bright country that is full of interesting sights, it’s a natural desire to take home not only unforgettable impressions, but also memorable keepsakes that will help to bring back warm memories about visited places. Ukraine is one of such countries and offers a wide choice of souvenirs. In addition to standard options like magnets, mugs and T-shirts with token views, Ukrainian souv

From a bird’s eye view. The best observation grounds in Kyiv
Kyiv is one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in Europe. If you want to appraise its charm in full, you should admire the breathtaking city scenery and capital’s age-old architecture from a bird’s eye view. Moreover, Kyiv is built on the hills and offers plenty of interesting observation areas. We have selected the most frequently visited observation spots of Ukraine’s capital, which re

Water World: Ukraine’s Top 5 Water Parks
During hot summer days, you can hardly find better recreation place than a water amusement park. They are very popular among calm family recreation lovers and among fans of active pastime alike. This article offers a selection of Ukraine’s top five water amusement parks, where one can have a great time, get a charge of adrenaline and a lot of positive emotions. Aquapark Ostrov Sokrovish (Kirillovk

Foreign fans come back to Ukraine one year after the Euro 2012
Last summer was a token one for Ukraine. A year ago, the country hosted the European Championships together with Poland. According to the UEFA president Michel Platini, both countries perfectly coped with the task. Ukraine and its residents put a lot of hope in the Euro 2012 and now, one year later, they sum up, with what legacy one of the largest sporting events of the Old World left the country.

Close to nature: Ukraine's top five natural reserves
Most megalopolis dwellers strive to leave their dusty and stuffy cities in the summer. Some travel to the sea and some head for intact lands with dense green forests, crystal lakes, fresh air and abundance of wildlife. Now that Ukraine has plenty of picturesque protected places, where serene majesty of nature reigns. We introduce country’s five largest, most beautiful and interesting natural parks
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