Balaklava • Sevastopol
Balaklava • Sevastopol
Balaklava is a small town near Sevastopol, nestled on the coast of an extremely beautiful bay. This serene harbor, hidden from strangers’ eyes by jagged mountains, is a unique piece of nature. Due to its favorable location it, it sheltered different peoples for thousands of years, and in the post-WWII period, it became a secret base for Soviet submarines. Today, Balaklava, with its amazing landsca

Opera House • Odesa
Opera House
Opera House • Odesa
The Odesa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet is a real gem of 19th century European architecture, and one of Odesa’s main treasures. This theater, which strikes the eye with its beauty and grandeur, is among the town’s oldest cultural institutions. Built in the Viennese baroque style and considered to be one of the world’s most wondrous theaters, the opera house is famous not just for

Odesa's Catacombs
This is the most mysterious sight in all of southern Palmyra. Located under Odesa and its suburbs, the catacombs are a real underground town with a web of crossed underground passages and labyrinths, which have been created by both nature and people. The labyrinth is the most entangled and the longest in the world: today their length is estimated to be 2,500 kilometers (1,553 miles). Most of the

The Cathedral of the Savior’s Transfiguration
It is one of Odesa’s largest and most important spiritual symbols. Over its tragic history, the temple, which stands on the Cathedral Square, played an important role in the town’s development and its sacral architecture. The cathedral was founded in 1795 – at the same time as Odesa’s port – and was consecrated in 1808. At first, it was a small religious building, but a hundred years later, it be

The Potemkin Stairs
The Potemkin Stairs (Potemkinskaya Lestnitsa) – one of Odesa’s trademarks – is rightfully acknowledged as one of the most beautiful staircases in Europe, and Odesa’s residents proudly call it the eighth wonder of the world. This monumental architectural installation, which connects the town center to the port, was created in 1841. Italian architect Francesco Boffo designed it at the request of No

Primorsky Boulevard
Located on a high, steep shore, the Primorsky Boulevard is the heart of Odesa. It is the best place in town to experience its spirit and understand its complicated history. It acts as a facade, meeting southern Palmyra’s guests coming from the sea with dignity and charming beauty. This small, 500-meter (1,640 feet) long street is home to so many architectural attractions that it could truly be ca

Deribasovskaya  Street
This is Odesa’s most famous street, and one of its symbols. Paved with stone and closed off to vehicles, this cozy little street has for a long time been a favorite place to stroll and meet for both locals and tourists. Ancient buildings, preserving the delightful architectural style of the 19th century, and numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants endow this street with a true Odesa charm. The lan