Treasures of Western Ukraine Show on map

Lviv - Truskavets - Uzhgorod - Mukachevo - Chernivtsi - Khotyn - Kamianets-Podilskyi - Pochaev - Kremenets - Lutsk

Western Ukraine is one of the country's richest, by variety of attractions, regions: the concentration of unique natural and historical and architectural monuments is beyond even the most daring expectations here. Moreover, it is in the country's west that you can learn about Ukraine's people's true traditions and feel its true spirit.

It's better to start traveling across Ukraine's West from Lviv - picturesque Ukrainian town with vivid European charm. Besides wonderful churches and cathedrals, it's worth visiting Lychakiv Cemetery, which is often compared to the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, and original coffee houses that strike imagination not only with exquisite menu, but also with fantasy interior.

Ukraine's most famous health resort and one of the oldest balneology health resorts in Europe - Truskavets - is located just in an hour and half drive from Lviv. Truskavets is worth a day's visit, during which one should try healing properties of its mineral water, which is as good for the health as the famous Karlovy Vary's water. And having improved your health, head for Zakarpattia capital - ancient Uzhgorod, where the eclectic architecture of the Austro-Hungarian period is interwoven with buildings of Czechoslovakian constructivist style, and the medieval castle stands on the hill at town's historical center.

Then, take a route taxi to the ancient little town Mukachevo in order to see one of the most interesting and well preserved fortification complexes in Ukraine - the legendary Palanok Caste, and magnificent Town Hall, whose gorgeous building used to be recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe. Afterwards, you should obligatory visit Chernivtsi - the charming town, whose main architectural gem is a splendid ensemble of the former Bukovinian high priests' residence. Today it houses the National University and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Being in Chernivtsi's suburb, don't fail to visit Khotyn, where the medieval fortress, which survived until now almost unchanged, is worth seeing. And then, continue plunging in true atmosphere of the Middle Ages by visiting one of country's most fabulous towns - Kamianets-Podilskyi. There you can see the majestic fort - on of the most beautiful historical monuments that reckons among the seven wonders of Ukraine. Follow up your tour with a stroll along ancient quarters and visiting magnificent cathedrals.

Afterwards, head to Ternopil and from there take a route taxi to Pochaev, whose main treasure is the Pochayiv Lavra of the Holy Dormition that is reckoned among the three most beautiful orthodox monasteries in Eastern Europe. Then, reach Kremenets by bus and admire formerly powerful fortress, whose remains stand on Zamkova Mountain. And if you get lucky, you'll meet a ghost of Neapolitan princess Bona Sforza here. According to legend, it wanders through ancient fort's ruins. The admirable complex of the Jesuit Monastery and Seminary, in whose design the traces of Baroque and Rococo styles are interwoven is also worth visiting in Kremenets.

Wrap up your travel by visiting Lutsk - one of the Ukraine's most ancient, mysterious and charming towns, where the Lubart's Castle is worth separate attention. It is one of the very few monuments of times of Lithuanian rule on Ukrainian territory, and it has survived until now almost unchanged. Afterwards, you may return to Lviv.

Pochayiv (Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra)