Secrets of the Left-bank Ukraine Show on map

Kiew - Chernihiv - Mirgorod - Poltava - Kharkiv - Donetsk - Dnipropetovsk - Zaporizhzhia

The Left-bank Ukraine that includes country's central and eastern regions is one of the most undiscovered territories for travelers. Meanwhile, it is worth coming here for touristic treasures of very different kinds: architectural monuments of Kyivan Rus times, unique historical artifacts and amazing natural sights.

It is convenient to start a tour around Left-bank Ukraine from Kyiv. Take a route taxi from there to Chernihiv - one of Ukraine's most ancient and fantastically beautiful towns. Be sure to see Old Russian cathedrals and monasteries there, as well as to visit the territory of the Stronghold and the Red Square famous for its magnificent architectural ensemble.

Having spent a night in Chernihiv, take a morning train to Mirgorod. After a few hours' trip you will find yourself in a fabulous peculiar town, where prominent Nikolai Gogol wrote his works. Stroll to the famous 'Mirgorod Puddle' - the pond, whose embankment is adorned with original sculptural complex that commemorates characters from Gogol's works. And if you are lucky to visit Mirgorod during the legendary Sorochyntsy Fair, consider this as unbelievable fortune!

Take a bus, or rather high-speed train, from Mirgorod to Poltava - the town, where, in the early 18th century, the battle that decided Ukraine's destiny took place. Visit the National Reserve ‘The Field of the Battle of Poltava’ and look at the original ensemble of the Round Square, which is a scaled down version of the Palace Square in St. Petersburg. Afterwards, head for Eastern Ukraine's large industrial center - Kharkiv. There you can stroll along the largest in Europe Freedom Square and admire monumental Soviet architecture.

Then, take a bus or train to Donetsk - the heart of the country's coal industry. However, it may surprise not only with fantastic slagheaps, but also with a range of unique sights. Join a guided tour around one of the most up-to-date stadiums in Eastern Europe - Donbas Arena, which hosted Euro-2012 matches. Visit the only in Ukraine Forged Figures Park and the fantastically beautiful rosary that adorns the main city park. Afterwards, a route taxi will take you to Ukraine's space capital - Dnipropetrovsk. A half-day tour around the city will allow you to stroll along the longest boardwalk in Europe, visit the legendary Monastyrsky Island and see one of the largest ancient stone statues collections in the world.

Then, don't fail to visit Zaporizhzhia, located in just two hours' drive from Dnipropetrovsk. It is worth visiting at least for the famous Dniproges and legendary Khortytsia Island - the cradle of Zaporizhian Cossacks. Here you will find out everything about Cossacks' history and life, and their influence on Ukraine's history.

You may return to Kyiv by night train, but if you travel in summer, don't lose an opportunity to rest and improve your health on one of the most famous resorts in Ukraine's south - Berdyansk. Its tender Azov Sea and golden beaches are known far beyond the region's borders. It won't take more than three hours to reach it by a route taxi from Zaporizhzhia.