The Holy Cross Cathedral
The majestic Holy Cross Cathedral, proudly standing in the historical city center near the ancient castle, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Uzhgorod that invariably draws attention with its luxurious shapes. This original temple, frequently called city’s architectural treasure, is reckoned among its most interesting sights. Cathedral’s history started in the 17th century, when the Hungari

Fortress Sent-Miklosh • Mukachevo
Fortress Sent-Miklosh
Fortress Sent-Miklosh • Mukachevo
The threatening medieval fortress Sent-Miklosh can hardly compete in its tourist attractiveness with the luxurious and perfectly preserved Palace of Schönborns standing nearby. And therefore, it is only the second most important sight in the picturesque Chinadievo settlement, located near ancient Mukachevo. Meanwhile, the long and bright history, kept by dilapidated walls of the once majestic fort

Catholic Church of St. Anthony (The House of Organ Music)
The unusual building of the former parochial Catholic Church of St. Anthony, and now – The House of Organ Music, is considered to be one of the most interesting and original buildings in Rivne and is reckoned among its key sights. Standing in Rivne’s very center, the Catholic Church of St. Anthony, on par with most city constructions, has tough fate. The first parochial catholic church appeared in

The Palace of Schönborns (Chinadievo )
The hunting Palace of Schönborns, raised over Latoritsa River’s picturesque valley near the ancient Mukachevo, is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful temples, for which Western Ukraine is famous. Built in the late 19th century by the best European architects, it has survived until now almost unchanged and enjoys the status of the unique historical and architectural monument. This ch

The Resurrection Cathedral
The charming Resurrection Cathedral that majestically rises in Rivne’s very center is reckoned among the most beautiful city constructions. This amazing temple has great historical and architectural value, and is one of the most token sights of the ancient Rivne. The first (wooden) cathedral in honor of the Christ’s Resurrection was built here back in 1781. However, a hundred years later the templ

Dormition Church • Rivne
Dormition Church
Dormition Church • Rivne
The Greek-Catholic Dormition Church can’t brag with majestic architectural shapes and luxurious decoration. Being simple and at the first sight unremarkable, it is reckoned among the Rivne key sights, though. Its value is that it is the oldest temple in city that has survived unchanged until now. The small wooden church appeared on one of the Rivne many streets over a quarter of millennium ago, in

Memorial to the Victims of Fascism
Rivne is famous for being the city with tough and tragic fate, which haunted it over the whole history of its existence. However, the darkest pages in city’s history were entered by the 20th century: during the World War II, Rivne’s territory was occupied by the German-fascist invaders and concentration camps, where people were massively annihilated, were created there. After the war, the Memorial

National Opera of Ukraine
The National Opera of Ukraine is the largest musical theater in the country and one of the most famous opera and ballet stages in Europe. Its luxurious building, fortunately fitted into the ancient ensemble, is considered to be capital’s true architectural gem. The first professional opera troupe was formed in Kyiv in the second half of the 19th century and was considered one of the best theatric

Kyiv Unusual Monuments
Kyiv is famous for impressive number of unique antiquity monuments that have significant historical and architectural value. However, the streets of Ukraine’s capital also feature such monuments, whose main purpose is not to impress with ancient history, but to bring smile on viewer’s face and to absorb attention with their unusual shapes. If you step aside from the routes offered by the standard
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