Dendropark Oleksandriya
Stretching over the western outskirts of Bila Tserkva, not far from Kyiv, the Dendropark Oleksandriya is considered to be one of the most beautiful and charming landscape parks in the country. Created by the best European architects and gardeners, it is a vivid monument of landscape art of the 18th-19th centuries. Oleksandriya occupies a territory of 200 hectares and is, therefore, the largest lan

Johann Georg Pinsel Museum of Sculpture
The museum of sacral baroque sculpture is reckoned among the Lviv’s most interesting and impressive museums. It keeps the unique heritage of Johann Georg Pinsel – one of the most talented and mysterious sculptors of the 18th century. He is nicknamed Ukrainian Michelangelo for extraordinary mastery. The museum is situated in the building of the age-old Catholic church, which formerly belonged to t

Jesuit Monastery and Collegium
Consisting of a two-tower Catholic church and adjoined study buildings in the late baroque style, the ensemble of the Jesuit Monastery and Collegium strikes with its beauty and grandeur. Situated in Kremenets’s very center, it is city’s main architectural symbol and one of its most attractive sights. Being famous for their educational activity, the Jesuit monks were invited to Kremenets by the Lit

Ostroh Castle • Rivne
Ostroh Castle
Ostroh Castle • Rivne
Menacingly towering over the twenty-meter-high hill in the age-old town of Ostroh not far from Rivne, the Ostroh Castle is seen as a token sample of the Ukrainian fortification architecture and is recognized as one of the Volyn’s most interesting historical and architectural monuments. In the 14th century, the castle complex was raised on the place of the Old Russian town, which was destroyed by M

Surb Khach Monastery • Feodosiya
Surb Khach Monastery
Surb Khach Monastery • Feodosiya
The medieval monastic complex Surb Khach is situated in the picturesque mountain and woody area, within three kilometers from the town Staryi Krym. Its name means Monastery of the Holy Cross in Armenian. Being reminiscent of an age-old defensive fortress, Surb Khach is one of the peninsula’s most interesting monuments of Armenian sacral architecture that preserve the spirit and atmosphere of the M

Primorsky Boulevard • Sevastopol
Primorsky Boulevard
Primorsky Boulevard • Sevastopol
The green ribbon of Primorsky Boulevard meanders along one of Southern side’s most picturesque slopes, in the city’s historical part. It has been the favorite walking and recreation place of Sevastopol’s locals and guests for almost a century and a half. It is one of the city’s most beautiful green areas, which attracts not only with cozy lanes and observation areas, featuring amazing views of the

Khmelnik • Vinnytsia
Khmelnik • Vinnytsia
A small town Khmelnik is situated on Southern Buh’s bank, in the picturesque hilly area, surrounded by woodlands (70 km from Vinnytsia). It has the status of one of Ukraine’s most renowned balneotherapeutic resorts. Radon water springs, found in its surroundings, made this town very popular in Ukraine and abroad. Healing quality of this water has no analogues among all know mineral waters. The com

Mamajeva Sloboda
The outdoor museum of architecture and life Mamajeva Sloboda is situated not far from the city center, near one of capital’s picturesque parks. It is an authentic cultural complex that reproduces Cossack settlement of 17th – 18th century. Not only original architectural buildings of Cossack age, but also inimitable atmosphere and spirit of that time were recreated there. The culture and entertainm

Culture and History Center ‘Park Kyivan Rus’
Spread out in Kyiv’s picturesque surroundings, the Culture and History Center ‘Park Kyivan Rus’ is a unique project in its nature and scale that has no analogues in Ukraine and even in Europe. It recreates architectural appearance and atmosphere of princely Kyiv with amazing accuracy, taking visitors on a time travel to the Middle Ages and bringing them in the very heart of one of the most influen
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