Bernardine Monastery and Catholic Church
The medieval complex of the former Bernardine Monastery with the gorgeous Catholic Church of the Saint Andrew the First-Called is one of the most enigmatic historical and architectural monuments in ancient Lviv. Its magnificent, covered with multitude of legends, buildings invariably arrest attention and cause admiration of everyone strolling through Old Town. Bernardine monks came to Lviv in the

Lviv Opera House
The Theater of Opera and Ballet is one of Europe's most beautiful theaters on par with Vienna and Odesa Opera Houses. Local residents often call its gorgeous building Lviv's main symbol and gem. Lviv Opera House adorns town's main avenue and is one of its brightest sights that should be visited without fail. Daily thousands of tourists from all over the world admire its beauty and splendor. In the

Shevchenko Grove
The ethnographic museum of folk architecture and life 'Shevchenko Grove' is an amazingly harmonic and cozy place in Lviv's center, where you may merge with nature and rest from city hum. This wonderful landscape-architectural complex is very popular among Lviv's locals and its many guests. Visiting the outdoor museum is not only a chance to have a good time, but also to enjoy true Ukrainian colori

Saint Trinity Cathedral
Gorgeously standing in town's administrative center, the Saint Trinity Cathedral is the true sacral architecture's masterpiece and Lutsk's main Orthodox shrine. Its light monumental building is one of the most beautiful in town and can be seen virtually from any point of Lutsk, and its bell chime can be heard even in the town's most remote corners. In ancient times, the wooden Church of the Holy C

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral
The splendid St. Peter and Paul Cathedral's monumental and at the same time elegant building adorns the Old Town and is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and valuable architectural monuments in Lutsk. Being surrounded with halo of mystery and keeping century-old secretes, it is the most attractive sight in town that must be visited by everyone without fail. The St. Peter and Paul Cathed

Mukachevo Town Hall • Mukachevo
Mukachevo Town Hall
Mukachevo Town Hall • Mukachevo
The Town Hall's fantastic building, as if emerged from medieval fairy-tale, is one of the most fascinating architectural monuments in Mukachevo that delights with its original shapes. Situated at the main town square's center, it is rightly considered its splendid ensemble's gem. And there is no wonder in that: Mukachevo’s Town Hall used to be recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe! Eve

Rákóczi-Schönborn Palace
Although, Mukachevo is predominantly associated with magnificent Palanok Castle, there are also other very interesting architectural monuments here. You can even read this bright town's prolonged history through them. One of these is Rákóczi-Schönborn Palace, which used to be Mukachevo rulers' residence during its heyday. Built in the Baroque and Renaissance styles, its elegant building is rightly

Privoz Market • Odesa
Privoz Market
Privoz Market • Odesa
Local residents state that Odesa starts from Privoz. And it is really so. It is the largest and the most famous food market in Ukraine that is situated in the Southern Palmyra's historical center near bus and train station and reckons among Odesa's main sights on par with Primorsky Boulevard and Potemkin Stairs. You can't discover Odesa in full, if you fail to visit this bright, loud and incredibl

St. Martin Catholic Church's Chapel
Ancient chapel, located in the yard of one of the Mukachevo's most beautiful sacral buildings - St. Martin Catholic Church, is the most valuable sample of medieval Gothic and reckons among the most ancient cultic monuments in Zakarpattia. Local residents rightly consider it town's main treasure and with pleasure show it to numerous tourists. The first catholic cathedral appeared at Mukachevo's cen