Shevchenko Grove
The ethnographic museum of folk architecture and life 'Shevchenko Grove' is an amazingly harmonic and cozy place in Lviv's center, where you may merge with nature and rest from city hum. This wonderful landscape-architectural complex is very popular among Lviv's locals and its many guests. Visiting the outdoor museum is not only a chance to have a good time, but also to enjoy true Ukrainian colori

Palanok Castle • Mukachevo
Palanok Castle
Palanok Castle • Mukachevo
Standing on the town hill, the medieval Palanok Castle with its peaked turrets is the key sight of the ancient Mukachevo. Yearly over hundred thousands travelers from all over the world come here in order to see this unique sample of fortification architecture, recognized as one of the most interesting and well preserved defensive complexes in Ukraine. It is believed that Mukachevo castle was buil

The Church of Virgin Mary (Art Museum)
Having absorbed baroque and renaissance traits, the building of the parish Church of Virgin Mary is among the most beautiful and most valuable architectural monuments in Ivano-Frankivsk. Built in the late 17th century on the main square, the temple is town's oldest building and inevitably attracts curious travelers' glances with its original forms. The Church of Virgin Mary was built as a burial v

Market Square and Town Hall • Ivano-Frankivsk
Market Square and Town Hall
Market Square and Town Hall • Ivano-Frankivsk
Customary for most European towns Market (Rynok) Square is definitely the most popular tourist place in Ivano-Frankivsk. This is not only due to its being town's historical heart, where business and cultural life is in full swing, but also due to the whole constellation of the most interesting historical and architectural monuments that are concentrated at the town's main square. Being originally

The Sea Crashes Museum
The unique Sea Crashes Museum that was created several years ago in Malorechenskoye village near Alushta has already become one of the most attractive sights on the Southern Coast of Crimea. It's the only museum in the world that is devoted to the most famous sea tragedies. It is located in the building of very beautiful St. Nicolas Lighthouse Temple. Together they build up a memorial complex to

Nature Museum and Arboretum and Zoo Park of the Crimean Nature Reserve
You don't have to subjugate Crimean Mountains, go down in caves and work your way through dick forests, in order to closer familiarize yourself with Crimean peninsula's inimitable nature, be amazed with its richness and diversity. It's enough, if you visit the Nature Museum and the Arboretum and Zoo Park, created on the Crimean National Nature Reserve's territory. Created in 1923, Crimea's largest

The Central Museum of Tavrida
The best chance to learn about Crimea's centuries-old history, its inimitable nature and peculiar culture is to visit the Central Museum of Tavrida in Simferopol - one of Crimea's largest and most interesting museums. Its extensive collection includes unique archeological findings (Stone Age settlements, Copper and Bronze Age burial vaults and many other) objects of decorative and applied arts, va

Historical and Cultural Reserve ‘The Tale of Igor's Campaign’
‘The Tale of Igor's Campaign’ is Old Russian literature’s prominent monument that was written in the 12th century and tells about unsuccessful campaign led by Novhorod-Siversky’s Prince Igor Svyatoslavich against Cumans. The campaign started from the Our Savior and Transfiguration Monastery, therefore, it’s no wonder that Ukraine’s only museum, devoted to this Slavic world’s celebrated literary si

The Strategic Missile Forces Museum
Kirovograd’s outskirts enjoy the company of unique museum that is located not far from the town of Pervomaysk and has no analogues in the world. It's the Strategic Missile Forces Museum, located on the territory of former highly secretive missile base. In Soviet times division headquarters of missile forces stationed in Pervomaysk, and carefully disguised underground command posts and mines with
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