Building of Odesa Philarmonic (New Exchange)
Located in the historic center of Odesa, the stunning building of Odessa Philharmonic is one of the most beautiful in the city. It is considered outstanding architectural masterpiece that creates the inimitable façade of the Southern Palmira. It is rightly included in the Top-10 of the most interesting sights in the city. The Odesa Philharmonic wasn’t the only owner of the luxurious building. It w

Dormition Monastery
Situated in popular resort district, Bolshoy Fontan, the architectural ensemble of Dormition Monastery is one of the oldest and most famous cultic sights in Odesa. Its foundation in the early 19th century was preceded by tragic events. The territory of the monastery earlier belonged to Moldavian landowner, Alexander Teutelu, which had a mansion with a large farm here. Once, in the evening, the own

House with Atlants
Located in the historic part of Odesa, the House with Atlants is a monument of architecture. It is included in the Top-4 of the most beautiful buildings in the city and it is rightly considered one of the key sights of the Southern Palmira. Built at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, the stunning building, which has become the true city’s adornment, was commissioned by German family, Falz-Fein,

Theater “House of Clowns”
Located in the former cinema Druzhba, the theater “House of Clowns” is a unique cultural project of the famous Odesa-based comic troupe «Maski», one of the most recognizable brands of the Southern Palmira. Today, the decade-old House of Clowns is considered one of the city’s sights and it is popular among Odesa citizens and tourists alike. The original theatrical plays are composed of Italian comm

Port of Odesa • Odesa
Port of Odesa
Port of Odesa • Odesa
Located in the very heart of Odesa, the seaport is one of the city’s visit cards and a starting point for the major part of the tourist itineraries. The Port of Odesa impresses with its size: it is one of the busiest cargo and passenger ports in Eastern Europe, and it houses one of the largest passenger terminals that is reckoned to be an individual attraction of the Southern Palmyra. The whole

Odesa Archaeological Museum
The Odesa Archaeological Museum is one of the oldest in Ukraine. Located in the very center of the city, the museum space is housed in a splendid building, constructed in Neo-Greek style in the middle of XIX century. Thanks to incredibly rich collection of unique antiquities, the Archaeological Museum is a real treasury, which keeps safe priceless cultural heritage. It is also included in the top-

Lake Koyashskoe • Kerch
Lake Koyashskoe
Lake Koyashskoe • Kerch
Located in the Opukske Reserve, in the Kerch outskirts, Lake Koyashske is one of the inimitable wonders of Crimean Peninsula. There are several unique characteristics for which the lake stands out. Lake Koyashske is considered to be the saltiest in Crimea – a liter of its water contains 350 grams of salt. Therefore, the locals were used to extract this popular mineral here. But the lake’s main hig

Kyiv Intercession Monastery
However the Kyiv Intercession Monastery is not very famous, nevertheless it is one of the most beautiful and magnificent one in ancient Kyiv. Constructed in pseudo-Russian style, the splendid religious complex enchants with its fine decorations, and it is rightly reckoned to be one of the most vibrant architectural pearls of the capital. The monastery owes its foundation to the great Princess Ale

Syretsky Arboretum
Located on the Dnieper River’s right bank in Kyiv, the Syrets Arboretum is not as famous as other landscaped areas of the capital; also it is seldom included into the sightseeing’s list. However occupying territory of six acres, the little, cozy park is a monument of gardening arts that always impresses its visitors with its design, flora diversity and good infrastructure. Not suitable for long wa
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