Sparkling Wine Factory ‘Novyi Svit’
The settlement Novyi Svit became famous far beyond the Crimean peninsula thanks to its amazingly beautiful landscapes, azure bays and wonderful beaches with crystal pure water, as well as the Sparkling Wine Factory ‘Novyi Svit.’ Being the main sight and the symbol of this paradise for more than a century and a half, the factory produces very tasty and high quality sparkling wines that are highly a

Mount Karaul-Oba • Sudak
Mount Karaul-Oba
Mount Karaul-Oba • Sudak
The mount Karaul-Oba is a part of the nature reserve Novyi Svit and is reckoned among many unique natural wonders of Sudak’s surroundings. This antique 341-meter-high coral reef with picturesque slopes, covered with juniper and relict pines, towers over resort settlements Vesyoloye and Novyi Svit as a protective shield. Karaul-Oba is interesting for original natural and archeological attractions,

Kachi Kalyon • Bakhchysarai
Kachi Kalyon
Kachi Kalyon • Bakhchysarai
Kachi Kalyon is a medieval cave monastery, situated in the picturesque Kachinskaya Valley in Bakhchysarai surroundings. It stands on the slope of the giant 140-meter-high ivy-covered rock mass, whose bizarre shape resembles a gigantic ship's nose, rushing down the river Kacha. It is often referred to as the Crusade Ship, because of the huge cross, ‘drawn’ on the face of the rock by nature. Natural

Mamajeva Sloboda
The outdoor museum of architecture and life Mamajeva Sloboda is situated not far from the city center, near one of capital’s picturesque parks. It is an authentic cultural complex that reproduces Cossack settlement of 17th – 18th century. Not only original architectural buildings of Cossack age, but also inimitable atmosphere and spirit of that time were recreated there. The culture and entertainm

Culture and History Center ‘Park Kyivan Rus’
Spread out in Kyiv’s picturesque surroundings, the Culture and History Center ‘Park Kyivan Rus’ is a unique project in its nature and scale that has no analogues in Ukraine and even in Europe. It recreates architectural appearance and atmosphere of princely Kyiv with amazing accuracy, taking visitors on a time travel to the Middle Ages and bringing them in the very heart of one of the most influen

Mount Koshka • Yalta
Mount Koshka
Mount Koshka • Yalta
The picturesque Mount Koshka towers above the resort settlement Simeiz, 15 kilometers away from Yalta. It is reckoned among the most beautiful landscape monuments on the Southern Coast of Crimea. ‘Koshka’ is a Russian word for ‘cat’ and mountain’s silhouette is indeed reminiscent of an elegant cat that bends before a jump. But in fact, its current name is nothing but reconsidered in Russian way va

Eski Kermen • Bakhchysarai
Eski Kermen
Eski Kermen • Bakhchysarai
The ancient Eski Kermen is situated on the mountain tableland difficult of access. It is one of the oldest and the most picturesque cave towns in Bakhchysarai surroundings. Due to its imposing age and rare authenticity that allows feeling the atmosphere of antiquity in full, the medieval settlement, whose name means Old Fortress in Tatar, is reckoned among the most frequently visited archeological

Foros’s Church (the Church of the Resurrection)
Foros is associated with elegant temple, situated on the 400-meter-high cliff and soaring above the sea, probably more often than with its splendid beaches, warm sea and amazing sceneries. It is the Church of the Resurrection, resort’s main symbol and genuine adornment of the Southern Coast of Crimea. The magnificent temple in Byzantine style was raised in 1892, thanks to the merchant and Maecenas

Park Granite-steppe Lands of Buh
The regional landscape park Granite-steppe Lands of Buh, spread over the north-west of Mykolaiv Oblast, is one of South Ukraine’s most beautiful corners, which vividly illustrates its unbelievable natural wonders. Stretching out for 70 kilometers, it includes the most picturesque part of Southern Buh’s river valley and deep canyon-like hollows. They were cut in the old crystalline rocks millions o
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