Trinity Cathedral • Dnipro
Trinity Cathedral
Trinity Cathedral • Dnipro
The Holy Trinity Cathedral, towering above the city center, is the main Orthodox temple in Dnipropetrovsk. Its majestic light building, crowned with green cupolas, is reckoned among the city most valuable historical and architectural monuments. In 1837, the cathedral was laid on the place of the city first wooden church that was built in the late 18th century and then fell into decay. Temple’s pro

Carmelite Church
An elegant building of the former Carmelite Church is situated outside the Old Town, in which Lviv’s main architectural gems are located, but is not inferior to them in its beauty and historical value. The imposing cathedral, standing at the foot of the High Castle, draws attention with its refined towers, crowned with pointed spires, and elegant decoration, as well as with breathtaking views of t

Dormition Cathedral
Dormition Cathedral’s original ensemble is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Old Town. It is its silhouette that can be frequently seen on the postcards with city views. It consists of three splendid medieval buildings: the church, the bell tower, known as Kornyakt’s Tower, and the Chapel of Three Prelates. Each of them is a true gem of Lviv Renaissance architecture. In 1591, temple’s co

Church of St. John the Baptist (Museum of the Lviv Oldest Monuments)
The Church of St. John the Baptist, located at the bottom of the Lviv High Castle near the Old Market (medieval Lviv’s major trade center), is one of the oldest monuments of architecture in the city. It doesn’t astonish by its grandeur or monumentality, but fascinates by original combination of different epochs and styles, reflected in its appearance. Temple’s history is so old that it is virtuall

Catholic Church of St. George
The elegant Catholic Church of St. George decorates Uzhgorod’s historical center for several centuries already and is one of the most ancient catholic temples in the city. Its high, topped with three domelike turrets building is officially reckoned among the most beautiful and remarkable cultic constructions of the ancient city. Uzhgorod residents owe the appearance of this architectural gem to t

The Holy Cross Cathedral
The majestic Holy Cross Cathedral, proudly standing in the historical city center near the ancient castle, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Uzhgorod that invariably draws attention with its luxurious shapes. This original temple, frequently called city’s architectural treasure, is reckoned among its most interesting sights. Cathedral’s history started in the 17th century, when the Hungari

The Resurrection Cathedral
The charming Resurrection Cathedral that majestically rises in Rivne’s very center is reckoned among the most beautiful city constructions. This amazing temple has great historical and architectural value, and is one of the most token sights of the ancient Rivne. The first (wooden) cathedral in honor of the Christ’s Resurrection was built here back in 1781. However, a hundred years later the templ

Dormition Church • Rivne
Dormition Church
Dormition Church • Rivne
The Greek-Catholic Dormition Church can’t brag with majestic architectural shapes and luxurious decoration. Being simple and at the first sight unremarkable, it is reckoned among the Rivne key sights, though. Its value is that it is the oldest temple in city that has survived unchanged until now. The small wooden church appeared on one of the Rivne many streets over a quarter of millennium ago, in

St. Cyril's Church
Standing on the high hill outside the historical center of Kyiv, the St. Cyril's Church is reckoned among the most valuable historical and architectural monuments of Ukraine on par with the legendary Saint Sophia Cathedral and has the status of museum. It is one of the oldest temples that have survived since the Kyivan Rus times in nearly primeval state. The value of the St. Cyril's Church is in i
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